Welcome to Int-Thoughts!

Int-Thoughts is founded by group of Young and Diverse People who are readily passionate to work on various Aspects of the Very Large Scale Integration Domain. The aim of the company is to Excel and explore the various themes of the VLSI field. Int-Thoughtians are working and have worked with various VLSI companies and also doing R&D works to have the detailed study of Large scale integration. Along with this it provides platform for talented young graduates and masters to work on aspects of VLSI Domain. Int-Thoughts also has designed and is designing various modules, which can be viewed in companys website. Along with its development works, company provides the readily available projects on VLSI Field to MTech/BTech/BE in Electronics and Communication Engineering graduates. Int-Thoughts routinely work directly with customers to provide calibration solutions. VLSI Standards provides dozens of standards, products, and services to address every aspect of instrument calibration in the semiconductor and other industries requiring accurate metrology.
"We provide the complete Software solutions for Real time embedded system projects also"

What our CEO Says?
"Success of a Person will not depends his age, it depends on the sheer Talent, Hard work and the Skills"


New Products

  • AMBA (APB/AHB) implementation on Verilog/VHDL platform.
  • CORDIC processor implementation on Verilog/VHDL platform.
  • BPSK/GMSK/MSK implementation on Verilog/VHDL platform.